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Buy a working farm - rural property for sale

Whether you are considering starting up a farm or want to downsize or upgrade your existing operation, the team at LJ Hooker can provide you with plenty of support and assistance as you work towards your lifestyle - and career - goals.


If you are looking at purchasing a broad acreage - a term that usually refers to a property of at least 40 hectares (100 acres) or more - you'll find that your local LJ Hooker office is ideally-placed to offer advice and help tailored to suit your unique requirements.


Our comprehensive network of real estate services offer you the customised assistance you need to help you through every stage of any property transaction from start to finish.


Best of all, our staff have comprehensive knowledge of the region and their local area - you'll benefit from their practical one-on-one assistance and advice.



Rural property for sale - finding the perfect space

It is important to consider your requirements carefully when it comes to rural property for sale. You'll need to consider what you will be using the land for, as well as obvious factors including size and location.


Whether you are choosing a broad acreage for farming or keeping livestock, you will need to consider your own needs as well - it is essential to think about your proximity to amenities, schools, shops and transportation links.


If you are planning on building a home on the site, you'll also need to assess the land for potential development - your LJ Hooker agent can assist you through this process.


This also includes evaluating whether the property is accessible and how much it will cost to connect services, including power, wastewater treatment, garbage disposal, gas and your water supply.


Selling rural property with
LJ Hooker

Likewise, if you are looking to sell a broad acreage or large rural property, the specialist agents at LJ Hooker should be your first port of call.


In fact, our rural agents are committed to helping your property achieve maximum market exposure and allowing you to get the best possible sale price.


While the staff in your local LJ Hooker office will have incredibly valuable local experience and a practical, hands-on approach to regional real estate, our trusted brand and internationally-recognised presences can offer you considerable exposure to buyers across Australia and around the world.


We regularly receive prospective buyer enquiries expressing interest in purchasing large rural properties as a country and lifestyle investment - and our strong professional reputation further boosts your exposure.